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JAINA Representatives


BT nominates JAINA Board Members:


The Board of Trustees has identified and nominated two new life members, Shefali Jhaveri and Virandra Khemsara of the Samaj to the JAINA Board of Directors along with Udai Bhai Jain who will continue to serve on the Board. Collectively, the three of them will be working with the JAINA organization to represent JSH interest at the national level.


Virendra Khemsara

Life member of JSH since 1992. 1993 to 1996 Chaired committee to build and expand JSH at present location. Has been a part of JSH Board of Trustee. Plus knows many other members who are part of JAINA organization.


Shefali Jhaveri

Life member of JSH since 1991. Has served JSH as teacher, youth coordinator, and directed many cultural activities at JSH. Also served other organizations such as Mahatma Gandhi library, Interfaith Ministries, Indo American Forum and Fort Bend Education. Interested in taking Jainism mainstream.


Udai Jain

Continuing member.


All three of them have been active at the Samaj for a number of years and have contributed in different capacity every time the Samaj has requested their assistance. This time again they will be representing the Samaj in a higher capacity at the national level.


Please feel free to contact the Board of Trustee if you have any questions or concern and we will do our best to server the interest of our center.


Rajesh Shah (Chief Trustee), Rahul Lakdawala, Ashish Bhandari, Sanjay Barai, Kamlesh Shah, and Kamlesh Jain

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