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Membership Information.


Effective April 8, 2018 life membership dues will increase to $501. If you have done so already we encourage you to become a life member before the fee goes increase.

You can become a Life Member of JSH. Please download the form below, print it and fill out the form and submit it at the center.

​The membership fee to become a life member is $501. You can pay by credit card or check at Jain Center also. If you pay online using a credit card, Please mention in the form the confirmation number for check #.
Or attach a check for the fee. Bring the form at Jain center or Mail it to following address:


Jain Society of Houston
3905 Arc Street

Once the form is reviewed by EC and approved, you will become a Life member.

Please note that only life members have the right to vote (after the year you became a member. So if you become a member this year, You will be allowed to vote from Next year) and join Executive committee and Board of Trustee of JSH as described in JSH Constitution.

Click the link above to view/edit your JSH membership information OR create your account. 

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