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Motto of Jain Center: To promote the philosophy and teachings of Jain religion and to establish a platform for worship, discussion and teaching of Jain rituals, ideals, and principles of Jain religion, to celebrate auspicious Jain events and festivals.


Jainism is one of the oldest religious traditions of India, and has existed side by side with Hinduism throughout its long history. The basic philosophy of Jainism is non Violence and Anekantvad (Multiplicity of viewpoint). Jain Samaj is active in Houston since early 70s. Jain Society of Houston was formed in 1982.

About Us

​Jain Center Houston has over 800 families as members, consisting of all sects of Jains like Deravasi, Sthanakvasi, Shwentamber, Digamber etc. JHS works under the guidance of  JAINA (The Federation of Jain Associations in North America).


We have Mahavir Swami (Mul Nayak), Shankeshwar Parshwanath, and Rishabhdevji, as well as Laxmiji, Saraswatiji, Chakreshwaridevi, Padmawatidevi, Simandhar Swami, Gautam swami, Manibhadradevji, Ghantakarndevji sthapit in deraser. We also have a Sthanak with Navkaar Mantra pattika.


JSH invites several Jain scholars and spiritual leaders throughout the year.


Every Sunday JSH conducts Pathshala for school-age children at Jain Center. Over 175 students attend the Pathshala to learn Jainism and languages like Hindi and Gujarati. We serve light lunch to visitors and members on all Pathshala days.

Every 3rd Saturday of the month, JSH has Digambar Vidhi Puja.


Every last Sunday of the month, we have month-end Bhavna followed by Sangh Jaman (Lunch).


Jain Center maintains a library with over 3500 books, CDs, DVDs Video, and Audio Cassettes.


For Young adults between ages of 13 and 22, Jain Fellowship of Houston carries many activities.

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