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  1. The Jain Society of Houston (‘JSH”) is governed by its current Constitution. Current JSH General Body members may review the document to learn more and better understand JSH operating guidelines. The link to this document is here: >> Click Here <<

  2. During 2021, the JSH amended its i) current Constitution (amended version provided above) and ii) Certificate of Formation. The JSH Constitution was amended to provide for, among other things, the ability to conduct electronic voting and for the Joint Committee to conduct JSH operations during the Pandemic. The Certificate of Formation was amended and refiled to be in compliance with Texas non-profit requirements. The link to the recent amended Certificate of Formation: >> Click Here <<

  3. The JSH Joint Committee (“JC”) has authorized review of and update to the current JSH Constitution during the 2018-2022 period in order to better serve JSH General Body (“GB”) members for the future. The purpose of this review and update is to:

    1. Provide a better set of guidelines and framework for the JSH to appropriately and safely conduct operations given the JSH’s member growth over the last 25 years as well as anticipated future member growth and increased use of JSH facilities;

    2. Provide improved accountability and clear distinction of roles and responsibilities at the JSH for both the Board of Trustees and the Executive Committee;

    3. Provide transparency to JSH General Body members about communications, operations, funding, and actions to grow the JSH; and

    4. Provide authority for selected JSH operating committees to take action as well as prepare and execute on committee budgets;

As such, the JSH JC created a Constitution Committee and worked with various general body members  over the last 5 – 10 years in an effort to provide an improved Constitution and By-Laws that meets the needs above. Many volunteers have worked on the Constitution Committee over the years alongside many members of various JC administrations, and the JSH is very appreciative of everyone’s contribution to the new JSH Constitution and By-Laws.

As part of the 2022 constitution update process, the new JSH 2022 Constitution and By-Laws is provided here in the form of three links. 

  • The JC held an Information Session meeting for the General Body on October 23, 2022 to discuss the proposed drafts of documents. The Information Session presentation provided to GB members at this meeting can be found here using this link:
    >>Information  Summary Presentation(Oct '22)  -  Click Here << 

  • Adopted and effective December 2022 new Constitution and Bylaws are attached here to this link
     >>  New Final Constitution and By-Laws  -   Click Here  <<

  • An Information summary document is also provided here but it is not reflective of the complete provisions of the full Constitution  and By-Laws document but only the highlights, and as such, both documents should be read in their entirety in conjunction with each other. General Body members should rely on the full Constitution and By-Laws document for  an understanding of JSH Governance provisions. >>  Information Summary Document(Oct'22)  -  Click Here  <<

  • On November 20, 2022  the JSH JC  held an Information session to discuss the proposed Constitution and By-Laws,  next steps in the JSH  Relocation plan and upcoming  resolutions to move forward with both these action items in December 2022 General Body vote.
    >>Information Summary Presentation(Nov'22)  - Click here <<


The JC encourages any General Body member to please contact any member of the JSH Board of Trustees and/or the JSH Executive Committee at the following email addresses with any questions, suggestions, or comments:

We greatly appreciate everyone’s feedback, thank you!

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