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Celebrating JSH Team ... winners of JAINA Academic Bowl (JAB)!

JSH Jaina Acedemic Bowl Senior team won first place this year at the 2015 Jaina Convention. We are of proud of our contestants. Today we celebrated in their honor. We heared from the winners about their experiences, had cupcakes, cakes, food and lots of fun.


Eggless cakes for students and teachers was sponsored by Parshva, Shweta, Siddharth Shah and 'Cake Art by Shweta.' Special thanks to the Nilu and the Kitchen Committee for preparing lunch for the celebration. Thanks to Urvashi Jain, EC and BT for supporting us with the entire JAB program.


Special Thanks to our Sponsors:

  • Jainesh Mehta, Udai Jain, Raginiben Lakhia, Pinkesh Sanghani, Siddharth Parekh and Shailesh Mistry

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