JSH is a religious organization and its purpose is to provide a platform for religious services and religious education that follow and promote Jain principles.

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Paryushan 2020

JSH Live Event / Darshan

(click on image  to view live darshan)

Parvadhiraj Paryushan Mahaparva is almost here which will be followed by Das Laxna Mahaparva. Paryushan is the time to stay close to our aatma, perform introspection, kshamapana, shed karmas and engage in purification activities.


At Jain Society of Houston, we have many virtual religious programs and activities planned for our community to participate in and take Dharma Laabh and make Paryushan spiritual and most rewarding.

Click here to view the schedule and link to access the virtual event  

Derasar Darshan Instructions during Paryushan Days Aug 15- Aug 22

  • All members visiting Derasar for darshan has to wear Masks. Members without Masks will not be allowed entry.

  • Please use Hand Sanitizer upon both Entry and Exit from Derasar. Hand Sanitizer will be available at the gate.

  • Derasar Darshan is only on appointment basis. Link to make appointments for Darshan 

  • The appointment for next day will be closed at10:00 PM of the prior day.

  • Entrance is from parking lot directly to main temple via side gate. Main entrance will remain locked.

  • Please arrive for Darshan at least 5 mins early. Please wait in your car until your appointment time.

  • If you are late past your allotted time slot, you will not be allowed entry and will have to make another appointment.

  • Only one family (maximum 5 members) will be allowed for darshan per each time slot.

  • Asthaprakari Puja and Chaityavandan will not be allowed during these days.

  • All Dravya Puja including Dhoop Puja, Deepak Puja, Akshat Puja, Naived Puja, Fal Puja, Chamar Puja and Darpan puja will not be allowed during these days.

  • Please do not bring any Rice, Fruits or Sweets during these days.

  • Please do not use Ghant (Bell) during your visit.

  • Bhagwan Mahavir Parna Julavanu will not be allowed during Paryushan. Only Parna Darshan will be allowed.
  • We will ensure one care taker or volunteer is in the main temple at the side gate to ensure strict compliance for the safety of our members.
  • Please follow all rules and do not make any unreasonable requests to care takers or volunteers
  • All members need to maintain social distancing
  • Darshan Vidhi:
    • Please do 3 Khamashanas 5. Say ‘Avasyahi’ and exit the Derasar.

    • Proceed to 3 Parakshinas

    • Recite various Stutis in front of the Bhagwan

    • Enter Derasar and say ‘Namo Jinanam’ on seeing Bhagwan

  • Vashakshep Puja of Kalpasutra will not be allowed during Paryushan.

Upcoming Events

Paryushan 2020 Click here for Detailed Schedule

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JSH Timings & Contacts

The center is open with restricted hours as follows.

Monday - Friday: 10:00 AM to 02:00 PM 

Phone: +1 (713) 789-2338 or +1 (281 606 - 5846

Email : info@jsh-houston.org

Happenings @ JSH

Jainism Classes - Sundays 10:30 AM

Language Classes - Sundays 11:35 AM

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