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Bhagwaan Mahaveer Post- Doctoral Fellowship in Jain Studies at Rice University, Houston, TX‏


On January 17, 2016, with the support of a few donors, Jain community in Houston and Chao Family Foundation established the first Bhagwaan Mahavir Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Jain studies at Rice University in Houston, Texas, USA.

After a very intensive search, Rice University has selected and appointed Dr. Brianne Donaldson; a budding Jain scholar to occupy this position.

BRIANNE DONALDSON is currently an Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Religious Studies at Monmouth College in Illinois and formerly was an Assistant Professor of Jain and Sikh Studies at Claremont School of Theology in southern California. She explores the intersection of Indian and western metaphysics, critical animal studies, and religion and science. The goal of her work is to rethink relations between plants, animals, and people, and undermine systematic violence toward excluded populations.

Dr. Donaldson has been a fellow with the International School for Jain Studies in Delhi, India, and continues to study Sanskrit through Australia National University. During graduate school, she worked for 2 years at the Center for Neuro-economics Studies as the lead researcher on trust in human-animal relations, and trust in social rituals.

Her very impressive resume of a large number of publications (papers, articles and books) is attached here for your information.

We are very pleased with this appointment and welcome Dr. Donaldson to Rice University and to the Jain Studies program there.

Dr. Sulekh C. Jain Houston, Texas, USA Home: 281-494-7656 Cell: 832-594-8005

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