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YJA Convention 2016

StartFragmentJai Jinendra!

With less than 50 days remaining until July and more than 90% of our spots filled, our whole team is working incredibly hard to build the excitement and ensure that the 2016 YJA Convention is the best one yet! Below, you can see some major updates on the progress of our convention.

  • Daytime Programming - YJA will be bringing back the Jain Academic Bowl (JAB), which is a team-based competition that tests participants on Jain scriptures, history, and philosophy. Furthermore, we will be introducing JIA: Jains in Action, an interactive program allowing participants to turn their ideas on creating social change into reality. We want our attendees to be excited for some diverse and powerful sessions about Jain education, interfaith, lifestyle, college/careers, social impact, and much more!

  • Jain Networking Forum - The JNF team is organizing sessions with a goal to foster professional and social relationships, planning their community service project to support an L.A charity, and finalizing their nighttime events, which have the themes of Post-Mela: Agents of Shield, Post-Garba: Pacific Coast Party, and Formal Dinner: An Evening with the Stars.

  • Social Events - YJA will be hosting carnival style games for the M.E.L.A. event, which will allow attendees to mingle with each other on the first day. We are also reviewing applications from people who would like to participate in our talent competition, Decades of Bollywood. Lastly, we have finalized the band for the Raas-Garba event and are planning room decorations.

As you can see, your donation is contributing to our efforts in raising awareness about Jain principles, promoting charitable community activities, and creating lifelong relationships. The last date for donation commitment is 18th of May.

If you believe that any of your close friends or family members may also be interested contributing towards our convention efforts, please direct them to the following page:

We will continue to send you monthly updates about our progress, and we hope you enjoy seeing the results of all your wonderful support. Thank you so much for your donation!

Thank You,

The Entire YJA 2016 Convention Committee

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