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Shri Chandrasen Guruji's Houston Visit

It is our privilege to host Shri Chandrasen Guruji from August 21st to August 25th, 2015.

Shri Chandrasen Guruji has in depth knowledge of Jain Religion, and is considered a scholar in philosophy, Agama and

Kriyakand. He took diksha at age of 8 years with Gachadhipati Aacharya Premsuri maharaj saheb and came to sansar in the year 2000 when he was Aacharya. Presently, he teaches Jainism to sadhus and sadhvis, along with being a faculty member in Jainology Deparment, Mumbai University.

Guruji's has conducted deep and wide studies in astrology and its application. In addition, Guruji has been known as expert in Yog sadhana, Yogdhyan, Aasans and Pranayam. He is Reiki Master and Pranik Healer as well. He has conducted number of events like Anjan Shalaka, Pratistha of Jain temples.

Please encourage yourself in hosting Guruji for an evening or a day time event at your home by calling Urvashi Jain at 832-867-0100.

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