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Temple Relocation Project Updates...

Check this site for periodic updates...

Temple Relocation Project Updates... (pictures above are based on typical layout)
With the help from our Jain Society of Houston Sangh we plan to build a Simple yet Elegant Temple with preliminary budget for phase I in the range of $5 M to $6 M. We request the support of each and every member of our Sangh to generously donate towards this project. We would appreciate it if Sangh members come forward with their contributions now so we can move forward with the purchase of the land. A much needed step 1 to build our temple!!!

Property Address: 0 Synott, Houston, TX 77083

County: Fort Bend

Total Land Area: 8.072 Acres

Due Diligence Period Ends!!!



11:59 pm

Due Diligence Period ends on Tuesday Feb 19th 2019 at 11:59 pm.

This is a critical date for our JSH. We are hoping to have collected enough funds to cover the purchase the land and have received an approval from the Samaj to purchase this land.

General Body Meeting to Approve Land Purchase

Date to be determined

Final GBM to vote to purchase the land or forfeit the contract without penalties. JC is in the planning stages of the agenda for this meeting. We will share more information as an when it is available. Please visit this site for periodic updates on the Temple Project.

Purchase & Sale Agreement Extended



04:00 pm

Effective Dec. 12th 2018 the Purchase & Sale Agreement was extended.

Due Diligence Period will now end on Tuesday Feb. 19th. New voting date for land purchase to be determined.



10:30 am to

12:30 pm

The JC has finalized a Bhakti Program and also will provide the latest information on the Temple Project. Click here for presentation...


Shekher Phatak - Singer & Harmonium Player

Smitaben Vasavada - Singer

Hemant Bhavsa - Singer and Manjeera Player

Haman Ramnarine - Tabla Player

Soil Testing in Progress



10:00 am

Boring was completed to pull the soil samples at proposed location to analyze and prepare the Geo-technical Report.

Engineering Firm Retained



10:00 am

Hired an Engineering firm to do conceptual design/layout drawing for the study of detention pond requirement and other due diligence activities.

Joint Committee Meeting



11:30 am

Joint Committee Meeting was held to decide on next steps towards the new temple project. The JC decided to form two sub-committees Due Diligence Committee and Fund Raising Committee.

Due Diligence Committee Members                           Fund Raising Committee Members

1. Harry Shah                                                            1. Harry Shah

2. Praful Bora                                                            2. Jayesh Sanghvi

3. Kamlesh Shah                                                        3. Sumit Baid

4. Samir Mehta                                                           4. Vikram Mehta

5. Vikram Mehta

Phase I Study Initiated



4:30 pm

Order placed to do Environmental Phase I and Soil Testing for Preliminary Due Diligence.


A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment, commonly referred to as an ESA, or Phase I ESA, is completed to research the current and historical uses of a property as part of a commercial real estate transaction.  The intent of the report is to assess if current or historical property uses have impacted the soil or groundwater beneath the property and could pose a threat to the environment and/or human health.

Purchase & Sale Agreement Signed



11:30 am

On our New Year's Day the Purchase & Sale Agreement was signed.

75 Days of Due Diligence Period starts as of this date. Final GBM on Jan 6th to vote to purchase the land or forfeit the contract without penalties

Diwali Program & General Body Meeting



11:30 am

Identification of new land approved by JC and presented to Samaj. General Body approved to sign the Purchase and Sale Agreement and pay a earnest money deposit of $25K.

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