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Pathshala Year 2019 - 2020 Highlights

Thanks for registering your children on-time and welcome to new Pathshala year 2019-2020


  • We have 250 Students Registered this year.

  • Number of Jainism Teacher - 23

  • Number of Language Teacher - 17

  • Total number of Sundays:  Aug 18th 2019 – June 6th 2020 - 44

  • Number of Holidays including Pathshala programs like Mahavir Jayanti, Diwali, Fieldtrips and Teacher Day  - 18

  • Number of working Pathshala Classes: 30

Pathshala Overview


  •  Running Since 1985

  •  This is 34th year!!!

  •  Jainism Classes 1 through 7 supporting PreK through 12

  •  Jainism Class 8 for individuals 18 year and above

  •  Jainism Class 9 for all the fathers in our community

  •  Toddler class that will focus on Jainism and Language

  •  Teach Jain principles based on JAINA books and Sutras

  •  Teach language and provide exposure to the Indian Culture

Pathshala Programs


  • Partyushan/Das Lakshan programs like Samvatsari Prtikraman in

  • English, Aangi Decoration, story telling sessions and Dos and Don’ts

  • worksheet.

  • Diwali program for cultural exposure

  • Poster and Essay competition for creative & intellectual development

  • Sutrathon

  • Language Spelling Bee

  • Student – Teacher Day: Senior students run the class for a day

  • Field Trip – PreK through 6

  • Jain Camp – 7 through 12

  • Pathshala Fun Day

  • Mahavir Jayanti Program

  • Pathshala Graduation

Pathshala Guidelines and Rules


  1. Punctuality is important. Students should come 10:15 a.m. for the prayers and will not be allowed in class after 10:30am.

  2. Dress Code: Students (Boys & Girls) age 7 and up cannot wear shorts or tank tops.

  3. 70% attendance by each student is required for a regular student of Pathshala.

  4. If you miss two or more consecutive classes, let the teacher know the reason for the absencesonce you have returned to class.

  5. Language classes are for Regular Jainism class students only.

  6. Students must attend the pathshala to attend language class each time.

  7. Students will not switch classes without prior permission. All requests will be reviewed by an authorized Pathshala teacher/coordinator to be assigned to a particular pathshala and language class.

  8. The student will be cooperative with everyone and show respect to each student regardless of age.

  9. The students will respect the right of others and will not use loud voices. Do not disturb any class that is in session and maintain silence in the library.

  10. Running or horseplay is not allowed inside the building or in the parking lot.

  11. Chewing gum, eating or drinking or use of cellphone (texting) is not allowed during class.

  12. The teacher may insist on proper sitting manners and behavior during class.

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