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Jain Library.


Library hours:


Every Sundays from 10:30am to 12:00pm (except during summer.) Call Dehrasar for summer timings.


Library Rules:


All members must issue/return books etc from the library themselves. Please do not pass the books/audio/video to others for return or ask others to get it issued. A deposit of $25 will be required for any person who is not a member of the Jain Center yet wishes to make use of the library. An additional deposit of $10 will be required for issue of each video.


Late fee charges:


  • Audio: $0.50/week

  • Video: $1.00/week

  • Books: $1.00/week


For any lost or damaged Audio/Video/Books, the fine charges will be:


  • Audio: $5.00

  • Video: $10.00

  • Books: based on the price of the book


(This is to cover the cost of the labor and the material required to replace the item)


Volunteers are needed for cataloging books in a library software, and for checking the books in and out during the library hours. Wish to Volunteer?...Suggestions?


Please Contact:

Hema Ojha (281) 431-7898

Sunil Shah  (281) 861-8411


Library Committee

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