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Since 1982 Jain Society of Houston has promoted the philosophy and teachings of Jainism. JSH has been at the center to pass on our rich religious and cultural heritage to generations.

JSH community has grown from 123 families to more than 800 families now. The need for adequate facilities has been growing with it. JSH's New Temple plan includes space for Pathshala, Temple, Program Hall, Kitchen, Parking, Green Space. First phase is estimated to be around $6 MM as per current requirements.

JSH members have voted and made significant commitment by purchasing 8.072 acres land for $1.35 MM for the temple. Its 10550 Synott, Houston, TX 77083. With your contributions, we will make this dream a reality.


Project Planning

Create and maintain the overall project charter. Oversee the project.


Create and execute communication strategy. 

Finance & Accounting

Forecast and execute project budget. 


 Develop strategies and road map for fundraising opportunities.


Identify and procure regulatory/compliance clearances.

Temple DesigN

Create temple and facilities design based on JSH needs.

Special Events

Plan and execute special events for relocation project.

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